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Dreams 3.0 - Time to Upgrade

Updated: Sep 19, 2020

I was an average kid in my school days. To be very precise I started off well in the junior classes however averaged out by the end of high school. It was in the late’90s when I stepped into teenage everyone was curious to know my dreams and what I aim to become. As a 13-year-old my world was pretty much about video games, cycling, and studies. I always dreamt of being one of the top cyclists. Then one day I saw an airplane above my school building while we were practicing karate. Being a small-town boy, I had never seen an airplane so close. Something magical happened and instantly my dream upgraded to being a pilot. Why ride a cycle, when you can fly a plane. The desire was so strong that I started talking to my parents and teachers about being a pilot. The whole world became so much bigger and my life got a new direction just by the sight of an airplane.

The point here is that limited exposure will give you a limited vision. We need to get out of our comfort zone and explore every possible opportunity which can enhance the vision of our life.

And then, I became an Engineer and then a Marketing professional. At the age of 30, I had an amazing profession, a beautiful wife, and a newborn adorable daughter. My life had the perfect work-life balance scenario where it felt so amazing to live each day along with complete family including my parents. So it was for this day I was brought into this world, was this one of my dreams as a teenager? I would still say I had bigger plans, so much bigger that sometimes I felt life is so much shorter. Now four months into 2020, the human race is facing the pandemic of the century (COVID-19). Difficult times have elevated fear and anxiety among everyone with a little window left to dream again. However, such tough times also make us realize our existence on earth is not just for earning our daily bread. Our roles are much bigger and broader in the true sense of our existence. Keeping ourselves focussed to achieve our dreams during these tough times holds the key to a brighter future. My dream of being a Marketing professional got an upgrade this month when I launched Marketing Wizards. With all the industry knowledge and a decade of experience in the field of Marketing and Branding, I felt its time to upgrade. With Marketing Wizards I plan to make learning affordable and making people industry ready in a short period of time. There is a very famous quote that says ”Have a dream that does not let you sleep”.

Dreams have no boundaries, the limited knowledge bounds us from dreaming big. As we face new challenges and learn new things our dreams keep getting bigger. Living for a dream is as much important as living the dream. Unless we do not enjoy the result of our hard work, it will not motivate us to craft our next bigger dream. So live your dream and keep giving them some serious upgrades. The power of your hard work and the sharpness of your knowledge can take your life beyond your dreams.

Hi, this is Amit, the founder of Marketing Wizards. I am on a mission to empower the youth and small & medium business owners. With the help of short duration courses in the field of Marketing and Branding, I would like to reduce the gap between theory and practical application. With a decade of experience in the field of Marketing and Communication, I am here to reduce the learning time and maximize the application time.

I believe that learning without application is like a cake without icing. Start your journey today and get ready to take yourself to the next level!

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Hi Amit Congratulations & Very Well said about your TRU Story. Extremely pleased that you are on the path of choice & have guts to Live Your DREAM. We are blessed to pursue what we want to achieve in LIFE & Wish U a Great Success . Let collaborate to understand the business road map of Marketing Wizards & bring value to business & Growth Together.

Best Regards & All the Best

Ashish Sharma


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