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Find snippets from our Live Online Classes here!

 This introductory class covers the following:

  • Definition of Digital Marketing

  • Components of Digital Marketing

  • Why it is more effective than Traditional Marketing?

  • How does Digital Marketing Work?

  • How this course can boost your career/business?

This short video covers the basics of Website Development:

  • Definition of a Website

  • Components of Website

  • What is a Domain name?

  • What is Hosting?

This Module is part of the 4 Weeks long Certified Digital Marketing Executive Course.

An initiative to reduce the gap between theory and practical learning by Amit Sharma:

  • Get to know more about him

  • Click here to connect with him on LinkedIn

  • Also, know the Course Schedule followed for Certified Digital Marketing Executive Course

Learn the three different Decision-Making models that will help you to decide the Content Marketing Strategy for your product or service.

  • Easy to Convince Model

  • Before and After Model

  • Circular Model

This Module is part of the 4 Weeks long Certified Digital Marketing Executive Course.

Learn the components of a Marketing Strategy and how brands use it to develop innovative products and services:

This Concept is part of the 8 Weeks long Certified Marketing Professional Course. This course aims to provide you a 360° learning of Marketing Management.

Testimonials From Students

"With personal experience, I would like to say I enjoyed my 3-week course a lot. I learned so much in these 3 weeks. The course content, the teaching style, and technique everything is just excellent. Students are given their space. Each of my doubts is cleared in an elaborate manner. We get the PPT and the recorded class just after the class ends which I don't think is available everywhere and it helps a lot when you study later. I would surely suggest people take this class if you are aspiring to do something in this field."


 Anushka Sidharth, MBA Student

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